Football (or soccer) was the original motivation for RoboCup. Besides being a very popular sport worldwide, soccer brings a significant set of challenges for researchers while attracting people to the event. it contains a significant set of challenges for researchers:

• A collective game, for which more than one agent/robot is required to play.
• Individualistic (each agent/robot must identify relevant objects, self-localize, dribble) and cooperative (passes,  complementary roles) elements.
• A dynamic and adversarial environment, with moving objects, some of them rational agents that play against your team.

In Soccer 2D Simulation League, two teams of eleven virtual agents each play with each other, based on a computer simulator that provides a realistic simulation of soccer robot sensors and actions.
Each agent is a separate process that sends the simulation server communication and motion commands regarding the player it represents, and receives back information about its state, including the (noisy and partial) sensor observations of the surrounding environment.
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Qualification Materials:

Team Description Paper
Executable binary files compressed in one archive file.
Log files (1 to 5) showing the team's game play quality and an appendix that describes them.
Team's source code files compressed in one archive file.
All teams should have significant scientific effort on their bases (if any).

Teams should send their qualification materials via email to before February 3. The subject of email should be “Qualification Materials - TEAMNAME”. Please attach all the files to a single email. After sending your qualification materials, you will receive a confirmation email. If you did not receive it within 72 hours, please contact the technical committee.

To Iranian teams, we strictly recommend to check rules on the Persian page. Please check this page regularly to be informed about any probable change in Rule.

Do not hesitate to contact with, if you need further information.


​Technical Committee

Technical Committee Chair:

  • Eslam Nazemi, Shahid Beheshti University, Iran

Technical Committee Members:

  • Pooria Kaviani, Sharif University of Technology, Iran
  • Sina Saharkhiz, University of Tehran, Iran
  • Nader Zare, Khaje Nasir Toosi University of Technology, Iran
  • Mostafa Sayahi, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran
  • Amir Abbas Pashaei, Shahid Beheshti University, Iran
  • Seyed Emad Mohamadi, University of Tehran, Iran

Pre-Registered Teams

  Team Name Team Leader Affiliation Country
1 Allameh Tabatabaei Naser Abbas Haghighat Allameh Tabatabaei Univercity Iran
2 Nexus2D Mahdi Abolfazli Esfahani Ferdowsi University of Mashhad Iran
3 Mars2017 Mehdi Torshani Arman Afzar Iran
4 Apollo2D ZhiWei Liang Nanjing University Of Posts and Telecommunications China
5 KavehRS-2d کاوه رضائی شیراز Independent Iran
6 Ziziphus2017 محسن صادقی پور Ziziphus Group Iran
7 Artemis Mehrdad Maleki Islamic Azad university of Mashhad Iran
8 Golden_Hat Mahdi Aghasi Research center of district 9 Iran
9 Cyrus Ali Najimi Khajeh Nasir Toosi University of Technology, Sharif University of Technology, Atomic Energy H.School Iran
10 Armistice Faraz AghaAkbari پژوهش سرای رازی Iran
11 IAUB sajad akbarpoor دانشگاه آزاد اسلامی بوشهر Iran
12 RCMasterZ Mohsen Sadeghipour Ziziphus Group Iran
13 Persian Gulf Ehsan Asali Islamic Azad University of Bushehr Iran
14 Miracle2017 Fan Wang Hefei Normal University China
15 Zillan Mohamed Zanganeh Free Iran
16 talash2017 puya taleb talash high school Iran
17 MT2017 Shengbing Chen Hefei University China
18 LegenDary Reza Maanijou Guilan University - Shahid beheshti University Iran
19 Razi Morteza Noohpisheh پژوهش سرای دانش آموزی رازی ناحیه 2 شیراز Iran
20 paydar shaghayegh malekpour nezammafi highschool-nedaye reyhane highschool-etrat highschool Iran
21 STRT Sina Fallah Salam Tajrish HighSchool Iran
22 crysis Farbod Karimi AE Iran
23 Sepidrood Nima Nozari Shahre Houshmande Shomal Company Iran
24 BUZZ parham kazemi University of Isfahan Iran
25 CmorQ Amir Masoud Mostofinejad University of Isfahan Iran
26 PIXEL 2017 Seyed Shahabeddin Nabavi دبیرستان غیر انتفاعی پسرانه خاتم Iran
27 Sorena Majid Amani Sorena Robotic Group Iran
28 enigma-2.0 Nima Yazdanmehr University of Tehran Iran
29 Riton zeynab roshan nezhad motlagh independent Iran
30 Hermes Mohammadreza Javan Allamehelli Highschool Iran


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Day 2
Day 3