RoboCup Rescue Simulation

RoboCup Rescue Simulation is a Large Multi-Agent System which its aim is to manage the disaster when an earthquake happens. RoboCup Rescue's main purpose is to provide emergency decision support by integration of disaster information, prediction and planning. RoboCup Rescue Simulation System is one of the prominent systems for AI and Multi-Agent researches.


Main Objectives


Design and development of intelligent agents including FireBrigades, AmbulanceTeams and PoliceForces is the main issue of this league. RoboCup Rescue uses real simulated city maps in order to make the process of disaster management more practical in future. Simulators and Rescue Kernel recently updated in order to become more realistic for the league's purpose. New FireSpread simulator and agents' communication model are the most recent updates in the package.  


Research Areas

- Large Multi-Agent Systems

- Decision Making Algorithms

- Task Allocation Methods

- Multi-Agent Coordination and Team Formation Methods

- Behavior Modeling


RoboCup Rescue Simulation is an open source project ( which is developed and maintained by the whole teams and individuals attending the International competitions.


More information can be found in:​ 


Information about competitions and events can be found in:


The competition involves primarily evaluating the performance of agent teams developed using exclusively ADK Framework ( ) on different maps of the RoboCup Rescue Agent Simulation (RCRS) platform ( ).


 All participating teams MUST implement their code using the ADK framework.


 The current documentation of the ADK Framework is available at .


The teams can implement their own code to replace or extend the following ADF classes






Changes in other classes will not be allowed, especially the Tactics classes.


The participation on the Agent Simulation competition requires the submission of a Team Description Paper (TDP) describing the strategies implemented on the agent's code.


IranOpen 2017 ​RoboCup Rescue Simulation Rules

 Contact: Farshid Faraji



November 21, 2016 - ​January ​19, 2017

 Qualification Process

January ​2​0, 201​7 - ​February 03, 2017


 Early Registration

February ​04 - 24, 2017 


 Late Registration

February ​25 - March 10, 2017 


 Teams Setup (close to public)

April 0​3 - 04, 2017


 Competitions (open to public)

April 05​ - 07, 2017


Pre-registered Teams

  Team Name Team Leader Affiliation Country
1 Allameh Tabatabaei Mohamad Maleki دبیرستان دوره دوم علامه طباطبایی واحد پاسداران Iran
2 ZRE رضا ایران بخش - Iran
3 S.O.S Kasra Darvishi Amirkabir Iran
4 Aura Arman Absalan University of Tabriz Iran
5 A.T.F Sina Bakhtiari موسسه اندیشه مهر علامه طباطبایی Iran
6 LarvicSaurus Maria Tejada-Begazo Universidad Católica San Pablo Peru
7 SEU-UniRobot Cheng Qian Southeast University China
8 BENAM Tech Hamed Barmakhshad private sector Iran
9 Apollo-Rescue Qian Zhao Nanjing University Of Posts and Telecommunications China
10 ApolloRescue Zhiwei Liang Nanjing University Of Posts and Telecommunications China
11 roshd taha delshadi دبیرستان رشد Iran
12 IR-FORCE Farbod Shams دبیرستان سلام ایران زمین Iran
13 RoboAKUT Huseyin Levent Akin Bogazici University Turkey
14 Sorena Majid Amani Sorena Robotic Group Iran
15 AAI Mohammad Hassan Rezaei Azerbayjan shahid Madani university Iran
16 in remembrance of Dictator Amir Aslan Aslani University of Tabriz Iran


Day 1
Day 2
Day 3